Cryogenic tanks

Pressure tanks or cryogenic tanks are tanks that consist of two internal and external tanks whose job is to store super-cold cryogenic liquid. The inner tank is made of stainless steel and the outer tank is made of carbon steel.

مخازن تحت فشار یا مخازن کرایوژنیک
مخازن تحت فشار یا مخازن کرایوژنیک
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Heat Exchangers

Vaporizer or heat exchanger is a device that can convert gaseous condensates such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, etc. from liquid to gas without the need of electricity, water, etc., only by using air flow.

وپورایزر یا مبدل حرارتی
شیرالات کرایوژنیک یا شیرالات برودتی
شیرالات کرایوژنیک یا شیرالات برودتی


Refrigeration valves

The cryogenic valve, suitable for use in gas condensate tanks and transmission lines (N2. O2. Ar. H2. CO2. CH4. He) is made by exploiting the world's advanced technology. Cryogenic valve at sub-freezing temperature (minus 200 degrees) enables the operation of cryogenic liquid tanks and pipelines.

مخازن کربنی co2 دی اکسید کربن


Pressure Vessels

The liquid carbon dioxide storage tank can be classified into polyurethane foam insulation tank and vacuum powder adiabatic tank with working temperature minus 40 degrees, the main material can be OCrI8nI9 or 16 MnDR.

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