Farjad Technology Development Engineering Company

Manufacturer of pressure tanks and cryogenic faucets

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About Farjad Company

Brief introduction of Farjad Technology Development Engineering Company

The Farjad Construction Technology Development Engineering Company started operating in view of the increasing need of the country’s industries to upgrade the technology of their production lines and with the support of Pishran Zamhrir Asman, Farjad Construction Technology Engineering and Mobda Design.

From the body of Zamharir companies and Farjad manufacturing technology and the board of directors and joint shareholders’ assembly, with the aim of developing and building the activities of Farjad manufacturing technology in the field of manufacturing pressure tanks and cryogenic valves, double-walled carbon CO2 tank and aluminum vaporizers and in this field Works.

Examples of completed projects

Brief introduction of products

As a small member of Iran's industrial family, we are proud to produce and market products such as vaporizers, pressure tanks, and cryogenic valve.

شرکت توسعه تکنولوژی فرجاد

1- Cryogenic tanks

Pressurized tanks or cryogenic tanks are tanks that consist of two internal and external tanks, whose job is to store super-cold cryogenic liquid. The inner tank is made of stainless steel and the outer tank is made of carbon steel. The peculiarity of this equipment is that the temperature inside the inner tank is very cold (-196) and the temperature outside the outer tank is ambient temperature (+50). This tank keeps this liquid with minimal heat exchange.

2 - Vaporizer (heat exchangers)

Vaporizer or heat exchangers is a device that can convert gaseous condensates such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, etc. from liquid to gas without the need for electricity, water, etc., only by using air flow. The operation of this exchanger is based on the temperature difference. The environment is at fluid temperature, in such a way that the liquid passes through the tube connected to the fin and changes the state of liquid to gas. The specific type of fin design, fin length and number of fins and porizer have a direct effect on its performance.

3 - Cryogenic liquids

Cryogenic chillers at sub-freezing temperatures (minus 200 degrees) make it possible to operate cryogenic liquid transfer tanks and pipelines. In the production line of this company, Glob cryogenic valves in sizes dn15, dn20, dn25 in T model and size dn40 in angle model are routinely produced and ready for operation. Considering that the dn15 size is one of the most difficult models to manufacture, if there is an order in larger sizes, the manufacturing operation will be possible easily.

4 - Carbon co2 tank

Double wall carbon co2 tank or liquid carbon dioxide storage tank can be classified into polyurethane foam insulation tank and vacuum powder adiabatic tank with working temperature of minus 40 degrees, the main material can be OCrI8nI9 or 16 MnDR.
This series of products have compact structure, can be used in metallurgy, chemistry, food industry, fire protection, etc.

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