What is Doer?

دوئر یا همان مخزن کرایوژنیک

Doer or cryogenic tank

In this article, to discuss about what is Doer? we will pay. In industry, doer or cryogenic tank plays a very important role. They are used as an excellent container for storing gases and liquids with very low temperatures. Usually these doers are made of steel and their characteristics are different for each specific application. .

Doers or cryogenic tanks are used as an important tool in industries that require the storage of liquids at very low temperatures. Considering the advantages and applications of these structures, they play an important role in optimizing the performance of industries and reducing energy costs. In the following, we will examine the advantages, applications and structure of doers.

Part I: The advantages of a doer or cryogenic tank

Injection of cryogenic fluids in doers

One of the advantages of using the device is the ability to inject and store cryogenic fluids in them. Cryogenic fluids have very low temperatures and can remain liquid at very low temperatures. Doers are suitable for keeping these fluids and creating suitable conditions for them.

Maintain a stable temperature

Doers as a structure have the ability to maintain a stable temperature. By using special insulators, the temperature of cryogenic fluids can be kept constant in this type of tanks. This feature is very important for industries that need to keep materials at very low temperatures.

Energy saving

Using doers to store cryogenic liquids leads to energy savings. By using special insulations, the amount of heat circulation inside the door is reduced and the energy used to maintain the temperature is reduced. As a result, it will reduce energy costs.

Second part: applications of doer or cryogenic tank

Oil and gas industry

This type of cryogenic tanks are widely used in the oil and gas industry. These industries need to keep liquids at very low temperatures. Doers are an effective tool in these industries due to their ability to maintain temperature and save energy.


In medical science, cryogenic tanks are used a lot. In this industry, liquids such as oxygen need to be kept at very low temperatures. Doers, using cryogenic technology, allow these liquids to be stored safely and stably.

The third part: Doer structure or cryogenic tank


Insulators in Doer or cryogenic tanks play an essential role in maintaining a stable temperature. These insulators must have the ability to prevent heat circulation between the inside and outside of the tank. Insulators such as polyurethane foam, cellulose glass and carbon cotton are used for this purpose.

External structure

The external structure of Doer is also very important. This structure must be resistant to pressure and low temperatures and allow the tank to maintain its stable temperature. Cold-resistant steels such as stainless steel and anti-corrosion steel are used for this purpose.


Types of cryogenic liquid storage tanks

1. Liquid nitrogen doers

Liquid nitrogen doers are one of the advanced technologies in the industry that are used in many industries. These tanks use liquid nitrogen as a thermal coolant and are used to create a low temperature environment. Since nitrogen is a gas unlike air and oxygen, these doers can be used in many processes and industrial sectors.

Principles of operation of liquid nitrogen tanks

Liquid nitrogen doers use freezing technology. In this process, liquid nitrogen is converted into liquid state through a compressor and then placed inside the doer using a semiconductor cathode. This semiconductor cathode freezes the nitrogen and acts as a heat sink. After passing the materials in the doers, nitrogen is released again in gaseous form and this cycle continues.

Applications of liquid nitrogen doers

Liquid nitrogen doers are used in many industries. These dryers can work well in cooling and refrigeration processes. For example, in the metalworking and jewelry sector, liquid nitrogen tanks are used to cool and freeze metals and collect precious materials. Also, in many electronic industries, liquid nitrogen dehumidifiers are used as a very efficient cooling method. These devices are also used in scientific research and laboratories.

Advantages of liquid nitrogen tank

The use of liquid nitrogen doers has many advantages for industries and factories. One of the main advantages of using these heaters is the high efficiency in cooling industrial processes. By using nitrogen as a coolant, the required temperature for the processes is easily provided. In addition, this type of liquid nitrogen tanks have the ability to cool faster than traditional methods.


2. Liquid oxygen tanks

Liquid oxygen tanks are also a type of cryogenic tank that is often used in the medical and space science industries. Due to the properties of liquid oxygen at low temperatures, these doers are suitable for storing oxygen. Their design is such that they can prevent oxygen from vaporizing at very low temperatures and provide the necessary security to store this gas.

Oxygen tank applications in industries

Automotive industry

Doer oxygen is used in the automotive industry as the main material for combustion in internal combustion engines. This material is separated from the air and used in combination with fuel (gasoline or diesel) to produce the energy required by the engine. Without the presence of oxygen, proper combustion and the production of sufficient energy for the operation of the engines will not be possible.

Steel industries

Oxygen in the steel industry causes the oxidation of iron in the steel ash. This process destroys the pollutants in the steel ash. Also, oxygen dewatering is used in the steel refining process to separate impurities and low-quality alloys in steel.

chemical industry

Deoxygen is used in the chemical industry as an oxidizing agent. It can make chemical processes significantly faster and facilitate the production of better quality chemical products. These types of tanks are also used in the process of producing raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

Petrochemical Industries

Oxygen deodorizers are used in petrochemical industries to oxidize hydrocarbons. This process is used as the process of converting petroleum products into petrochemical products. The oxygen required for this process is separated from the air and produced industrially.

Mining Industry

Deoxygen is also used as an oxidizing agent in some mining industries. For example, in the process of extracting gallium and gold metals, oxygen dewatering is used to separate the metals from the ash.


3. Liquid argon doers

Argon is one of the cryogenic gases used in various industries. Argon liquid containers are more attractive due to features such as reasonable price, stability and completeness of information through argon liquid containers. This class of tanks are mainly used to store argon and are widely used in industries such as electronics and metals.

Different applications of liquid argon doer

Argon liquid doers are used in various industries such as aerospace, electronics, automotive, food and beverage, medicine, paint and resin, and metalworking.

Argon tanks in space industry

In the space industry, liquid argon vapors are used as a cooling medium in spacecraft engines. Due to its cooling properties, argon is used to control the temperature and maintain the strength of electronic systems.

Argon tanks in the electronics industry

In the electronics industry, argon liquid vapors are used as a cooling medium in electronic products. Argon ensures improved performance of electronic components due to its insulating and cooling properties.

Argon tanks in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, liquid argon vapors are used as a cooling medium in brake and engine systems of cars. Argon cools the brake system and engine parts and ensures better performance.

Argon tanks in the food and beverage industry

In the food and beverage industry, liquid argon dehumidifiers are used to maintain product quality and longevity. Argon, as an odorless and colorless gas, has the ability to maintain the freshness and non-contamination of food.

Argon tank in medical industry

In the medical industry, liquid argon tanks are used to support and maintain the health of patients. Argon is used in surgery and skin treatments due to its antiseptic and relaxing properties.

Argon tanks in paint and resin industry

In the paint and resin industry, argon liquid doers are used to prevent oxidation and paint spreading. Argon protects paint from adverse conditions with its cooling and protective properties.

Argon tanks in the metalworking industry

In the metalworking industry, liquid argon tanks are used as a protective medium. With its protective properties, argon prevents the oxidation and contamination of metals and improves the quality of products.

4. Liquid helium doers

In some cases, liquid helium tanks are also used as a type of pressure vessel. Helium is one of the lightest gases and is used in physical and medical sciences due to its special properties such as being colorless and odorless. By using liquid helium tanks, helium can be kept at very low temperatures and high pressure and prevent helium gas from escaping.

Applications of liquid helium doers in different industries

Liquid helium tanks are used in many industries. In the following, we will mention some of the applications of these tanks in different industries:

Application in the electronics industry

Liquid helium cores are very important in the electronics industry. Because they have the ability to cool electronic parts and prevent these parts from overheating. This improvement improves the stability and performance of electronic systems.

Application in space industry

Liquid helium balloons are also used in the space industry. In space conditions, heat does not transfer easily from systems, and as a result, electronic components are at risk of overheating. Using this type of liquid helium tank can improve this problem and increase the life of systems in space.

Application in the medical industry

Liquid helium tanks are also used in the medical industry. For example, in laser cosmetic devices used to remove unwanted hair, these liquid helium tanks are used in the skin cooling process. This prevents damage to the skin and increases the effectiveness of the treatment.


In this article, we examined different types of doer or cryogenic tank. Cryogenic tanks include liquid nitrogen tanks, liquid oxygen tanks, liquid argon tanks and liquid helium tanks. Each of these types of containers for storing cryogenic gases and liquids have special properties. Considering the importance and wide applications of these devices in the industry, their proper selection and correct use is very important.

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